Working the Amateur Voice Satellites

Here is my setup for working the amateur voice satellites, specifically SO-50, and the ISS digipeater


 Kenwood TH-D72A - A dual band HT with an integrated APRS TNC. Note that this is the only radio on the market that will do full duplex audio. This is key for allowing you to hear yourself on the satellite downlink to make sure you're getting in. Even this radio's big brother, the TH-D74 does not do full duplex audio.
   Arrow Handheld Satellite Antenna - A Yagi antenna for increased gain to help focus on the satellite while rejecting any other nearby signals. This specific antenna has a duplexer to allow for one connection to the radio while still separating the transmit and receive signals. It's important to make sure to buy the antenna with the duplexer. Arrow also makes the same antenna without one.


You're also going to need adapters to make adapt the BNC connection on the Arrow to the SMA connection on the radio.

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