Planning to Launch Pico Balloon

The West Georgia Amateur Radio Society is in the very beginning stages of planning to launch a pico balloon. These are Mylar balloons (just like the silver party balloons) with an incredibly light payload transmitting its location using APRS or WSPR. These balloons are inflated just enough to reach the jet stream and then stall out there, allowing them to travel thousands of miles. Some have even traveled around the world. 

WX4BK gave a presentation at our last club meeting about the WSPR mode that our balloon will be using. You can view it as a PDF here, and as a PowerPoint here.

We will keep you updated on the progress of our project and the information to track it once it's in flight.

Pico Balloon Payload

Pico Balloon Payload (Image by WB8ELK)

Missing Weather Balloon

UPDATE: (2/11/2019) FOUND!!!


Today (8/5/2017), we launched a high altitude weather balloon from Carrollton, GA. The flight followed predictions very well (except for a longer track due to less lift), until it reached 71,124 feet. At this point, the APRS telemetry fell silent several miles ESE of Fayetteville. If you live in the Fayetteville area, or near Blacksville or McDonough, please keep an eye out for a bright orange payload with a blue parachute. Below is a search map and a photo of our payload


NOTE: If you live in these areas, try talking on 146.550 MHz to see if you hear our simplex repeater. If you do, please note the location as precisely as possible, and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.